A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is not a normal game!
This could literally kill you if you're not capable of handling the power and high-stress levels!

I have warned you!

Welcome to Energy Juice!

Now after you have read all the warning text above I can finally tell you how this game works.
Okay, you press keys.

Hard? yes.. You see, this isn't a normal 'Press the key you see on the screen' game. 
For a key to get pressed down it needs force. Lucky your finger can extrude enough force to press it down. 
And of course, we can harvest this force by small 'Energy harvesters' under your keycaps. The game is made to runs on this force and so the only way for you to win is to simply collect enough energy and you do so by pressing the right key. Fail to do so can make you become saltier for every attempt. THIS is why I warn you. Only play this if you're capable of handling the stress and fastness of this game! 
Good Luck!

If you didn't know Mike Kasprzak(creator of Ludum Dare) uses this method of harvesting power to fuel his servers! everybody who uses ldjam.com or has used. Have given him the free energy that he uses so he can run this Ludum Dare operation for free! Some day we will get him and stop this energy stealing! #EnergyFormsMatter.

This is clearly a joke, no need to panic!

The higher score you get, the better ^^

Made by: TheSand
Ludum Dare 39
Theme: Running out of Power
Made in 24 hours.


EnergyJuice_win.zip 11 MB
EnergyJuice_mac.zip 19 MB
EnergyJuice_scr.zip 63 MB

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